offers a complete range of
telehealth and telemedicine services

A team of doctors, carers, engineers and technicians
working together 24/7 to provide you with a secure,
confidential medical monitoring service.

incoming and outgoing calls

  • Incoming and outgoing calls: on-call dispatchers – level 1
    24/7 assistance, dispatching, logistics and protocols
  • Incoming and outgoing calls: doctors – level 2
    24/7 assistance, dispatching, treatment, diagnosis, information and advice

health and safety

  • Primary and secondary prevention / treatment education
  • Compliance monitoring and vitals measurements
  • Teleassistance
  • Telemonitoring
  • Organisation of follow-up and studies

medicalised teleassistance

  • Management of health and safety alarms
  • Management of home automation health and safety devices

other services

  • Training for users and staff
  • Customized interconnectivity of information systems
  • Acquisition, use, processing and archiving of personal health data
  • D2P® – Electronic Shared Patient Record – a complete record combining the patient’s essential logistic, medical and nursing care information.
  • Personalised cards
    each patient is given a card bearing a time-limited contact phone number for use in an emergency.
  • Digital input, all formats
    faxes, emails and web services from our partners and patients.
  • Digital output
    faxes, emails, web services, text messages and voice mails sent to partners and patients.

3 types of pooled resources

Human resources
  • Healthcare professionalsdoctors and nurses
  • Engineers and specialistsHealth Information Systems, Telecoms and embedded electronics
Medical data host and call center
  • Operating 24/7
  • On-call dispatchers
  • Referral doctors
Information Systems
  • D2P®: shared medical information file, health data viewer
  • Secure telecom solutions: alarms, protocol management, 24/7 alerts
  • Telemonitoring: telemonitoring Twitoo® network