our teams
strength in unity: doctors and
engineers working together

H2AD®, a partnership between medicine
and new technologies offering secure
remote medical monitoring solutions.

H2ad a par

when medicine and technology join forces

H2AD® offers innovative telehealth, data acquisition and health data processing services 24/7.

H2AD® provides a complete package of innovative services using state-of-the-art resources in the distance medical monitoring sector.

Doctors, engineers, technicians and healthcare providers with prior experience either in industry or in the medical and information systems, Telecoms and electronics sectors have joined the ranks of H2AD®.

round the clock cooperation

H2AD round the clock cooperation

H2AD®‘s clients have 24/7 access to an extensive package of vital services, including:
  • full-time doctors
  • nurses
  • on-call dispatchers
  • and information systems, telecoms and electronics engineers.