daily health
data monitoring


H2AD® provides a telemonitoring service
that automatically transfers the health data recorded in your home to our state-of-the-art platform or the centre of your choice


our telehealth platform operates 24/7

  • Telemonitoring we provide and set up home medical monitoring devices and the Twitoo® mobile telehealth gateway.
  • Compliance monitoring and measurement
    of vital constants such as blood pressure, pulse and blood oxygen, etc
  • The information is transmitted to Twitoo®, and then relayed to our telehealth platform.
  • The data can be accessed by mandated professionals and other designated persons.

Twitoo® Network

Twitoo® Network draws together the various component parts of the Twitoo® telemonitoring service offer (data acquisition, processing and hosting). The network relies on H2AD®‘s infrastructure, which ensures traceability, security and confidentiality.

  • the Front Office is a secure internet platform accessible by patients, authorised relatives and friends and the Referral Doctor The data recorded are summarised in graphs and tables.
  • our Middle Office accessible to designated persons, patient monitoring, method and framework for alerts and information.
  • the Back Office runs the solution as a whole and gives authorised persons
    access to the data recorded by the professionals involved in the provision
    of care Administration can be completely delegated for export purposes.

The Twitoo® org site for sales and Twitoo® Network, the complete partner
network-building platform.

Twitoo® teleheath has never
been so simple

All I have to do is order my Twitoo and choose my subscription
Twitoo detects and then automatically synchronises itself with my Bluetooth medical devices
“Twitoo play”
I can see my medical information and share it with the people of my choice

To find out more about Twitoo® and discover the subscriptions and product packages, visit the twitoo.org web site.