secured, shared architecture

Secure, shared architecture
for the 24/7 acquisition,
hosting and
processing of personal health data.

Data host accredited

by the Ministry for Health and Sports

H2AD® ensure that your personal health
data are protected

H2AD® ‘s primary concern is the security of your data. Since 2004, the company has developed telehealth and telemedicine services as recommended in the guidelines and regulations issued by the Ministry for Health and Sports and the CNIL (French Privacy Commission).

  • H2AD®was a member of the committee mandated to define the status of third party medical data hosts.
  • H2AD® holds a registration receipt from the French Privacy Commission (CNIL receipt No. 1140925, dated March 2, 2006) authorizing its Shared Electronic Patient Record.
  • H2AD® has been a Ministry of Health-accredited personal health data host since February 2010.
  • H2AD® has developed a platform with recognised Ruby On Railstechnological potential. Ongoing since 2007, this strategy means that our teams can use their ever-growing expertise to develop and implement modular, appropriate solutions.

revolving around data security

H2AD: architecture revolving around data security