your health data

H2AD®, guarantees the continuity of its services,
and the confidentiality and security of your
health data worldwide.

an interlocking chain of services controlled 24/7

H2AD® is a professional health data host offering services to third parties generating health data in the medical and home care sectors and who may require 24/7 access to the data stored.

H2AD® provides data hosting services for the health data managed by these companies on behalf of patients, subscribers, members or healthcare organisations, guaranteeing

  • round the clock service,
  • a system that works,
  • and quality data hosting.

security and confidentiality

H2AD uses multiple redundant state-of-the-art systems to guarantee the safety of the data hosted. The systems themselves are monitored by automated control mechanisms.

The technical tools guaranteeing the continuity of H2AD®‘s hosting service offer and data confidentiality are supervised and maintained by technical teams trained in the use of the equipment, software and protocols in operation.

Both professional processes and the services rendered to the end-user are regularly checked and monitored by the 24/7 medical staff at the H2AD® call center, under the supervision of the Referral Doctor. This teams uses D2P Connector®, H2AD®‘s dedicated medical data-related events supervision tool.

a modular, customizable offer

H2AD®has developed a close partnership with CIENUM, based on shared means and resources.

At the heart of the service offer are the fibre-optically linked datacenters.

This partnership also allows:

  • greater flexibility making it possible to take into account different situations and
    needs which are liable to evolve over time: data archiving and security,
  • the on-line storage capacity required to host the health data to be variedin order
    cope with an ever-growing demand.
  • integration of more servers into the system to ensure that the data processing
    timeremains constant.

D2P®, a secure, confidential
information system

D2P® – Shared Electronic Patient Record, official “Personal health data host” accreditation by the Ministry for Health and Sports since February 2010
  • Acquisition, use, processing
    and archiving
    of personal
    health data
  • Secure web-based access
    and management
    of the patient recordIdentifier and password-controlled, the patient record
    is available on internet).
  • Individual cards: all patients
    are given a card bearing a time-limited contact phone number for their personal use.
  • Secure web-based access and management of the patient record Identifier and password-controlled, the patient record is available on internet).
  • Digital output of all faxes, emails, web services, text messages
    and voice mails sent to partners and patients.

In compliance with French law No. 78-17 dated 8 January 1978 modified, concerning computers, files and freedom,
the Electronic Shared Patient Record information system – D2P® has been declared to the CNIL (French Privacy Commission; receipt No. 1140925) National Commission for Data Protection; receipt No. 1140925; received on
2 March 2006).